Harnesses the power of 3D-printing, bio-mechanics and AI to improve oral and maxillofacial surgery

3D Printing Technology
For Medical Implants and Surgical Solutions

Novel dental implants with patented porous structures

Porous-based Dental Implants

OsseoLabs patented dental implants are novel implants that integrate the unique porous architecture to accelerate the bone ingrowth, resulting in a better long-term stability over conventional dental implants.

Our lattice-infilled implants vs traditional solid implants:

  • Improved stability due to better osseointegration

  • More uniform stress distribution

  • Lower implant cost made possible by additive manufacturing

Digital workflow and surgical guides for maxillofacial and orthognathic surgery

Advanced Surgical Solutions

OsseoLabs develops a digital workflow and patient-specific 3D printed surgical guides that allow surgeons to achieve a highly precise surgery, resulting in quicker surgery with shorter recovery and lower cost of post-surgical care.

Our patient-specific solutions vs traditional solutions:

  • Shorter procedural time

  • Shorter anesthesia time

  • Faster recovery

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • More bone preservation

  • Lower cost

  • Decrease medical errors

  • Prevent revision surgeries

  • Better functional outcomes

Cutting-edge computational design and finite element analysis for patient-specific orthopedic devices

Orthopedic Implants

Everyone has unique bone anatomy. As a result, it is mostly impossible for the conventional manufacturing such as CNC to produce a patient-specific orthopedic devices that are carefully crafted for each patient.OsseoLabs harnesses the power of computational design and finite element analysis to design personalized orthopedic devices that fit the host bone shape perfectly and are proven to withstand the load from body motion. The patented porous-based design can also be integrated to further enhance bone ingrowth.

Patented osseo-enhanced TPMSTM porous architecture

TPMS porous architecture

OsseoLabs' oral and maxillofacial implants and orthopedic implants are designed with our patented TPMS© technology.TPMS© contains porous architecture that is designed to optimize osseointegration. TPMS© is unique in that the pores are size- and shape-customizable and can be engineered to match surrounding bone stiffness for optimal graft retention and stable bone ingrowth.TPMS© is OsseoLabs' proprietary technology and is patented worldwide.

TPMSTM stems from a generalized mathematical model to customize the printed implants to fit bone particulars, with four customizable variables:

  • Porosity voids

  • Unit cell size

  • Wall thickness

  • Relative density

Quality Policy

We are the leader in the design, development, and manufacture of personalized cutting guides and personalized mandible reconstruction plate medical devices that are of high quality and safety, and conform to international standards.


OsseoLabs is a spin-off company from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

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